Jeni Wren Jewellery

Jeni Wren is the work of acclaimed independent British designer Jenny Saker. Like many of us she is inspired by the details found every day in nature. The aim of Jeni Wren is to capture the special moments in the outdoors and preserve them, timelessly, in the form of precious metal jewellery.

Most of us can remember a special evening walk along a deserted beach and the way that a tiny shell catches the eye. Remember the colours of autumn leaves on the forest floor and the way they swirl up around your feet? Maybe it was the way that a sunbeam illuminated a falling seed that you remember most clearly. Jeni Wren captures these moments for ever as elegant necklaces and charming earrings, all carefully designed to rest perfectly against your skin.

Creating special pieces of jewellery takes time and care. In the sleepy seaside town of Brightlingsea Jenny shares a workshop with her father (an engineer) and works with her grandfather's tools. She starts with perfect found objects, like seed pods or fragments of shells; the germ of an idea. Once a design has been perfected she casts it into sterling silver using a lost wax technique. Finally, she hand finishes, polishes and carefully packages every single piece of jewellery.

Jenny grew up on the East Coast and spent her childhood outdoors and learning to sail. As a small girl she watched her father tinker away with the machines in his workshop and she developed the skill for taking things apart and putting them back together herself. She chose the craft of jewellery as her own.

Following her BA in Jewellery Design at Central St. Martins College of Art and Design (University of the Arts London) Jenny worked for many years for a number of Hatton Garden companies; helping old names evolve and new brands to establish themselves. Now she is on a new adventure, with her own label – Jeni Wren.

Jeni Wren is confident and graceful, thoroughly at home in the wilderness but refined enough to wear on the streets of London. A reflection of the designer herself perhaps.

jewellery inspired by details of nature
summer breeze...
falling sycamore seeds